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Introduction to Stakecube:

2020 promises to be a good year for StakeCube, one of the fastest-developing cryptocurrency projects and a hidden gem within the altcoin startup sector. StakeCube was launched in June 2018 as a cloud staking platform. This has grown into a popular place where 31,000+ users gather and have easy access to 45+ crypto assets, and the growth doesn’t seem to stop there. As many crypto developers are moving towards the continued build-out of a strong EcoSphere, StakeCube already offers 9 apps.


Stakecube is growing fast:

Current apps


Despite only being around for a little over a year, the community has grown to 31,000+ users and the team is expanding, venturing into a more robust platform that offers the following apps:

Wallet: You have access to a free and secure wallet, offering you rewards automatically for PoS coins. At least 45 coins are supported and this list continues to expand.

Masternodes: Stakecube offers integrated masternode hosting that automatically updates. At least 600 nodes are hosted.

Exchange: Stakecube offers you direct access to a powerful crypto trading platform with several features, including integration in its ecosystem and links to all apps. You can trade 5 base markets and have access to at least 120 trading pairs.

Interest: One of the remarkable innovations within the cryptocurrency market is the ability to earn compounding interests. While your funds are safely guarded using the latest cold storage technologies. You can earn up to 12% interest per year.

StakeCubeCoin: This platform has its own native utility coin, fully integrated within the ecosystem. StakeCubeCoin is a peer-to-peer cash system with its own blockchain and is available on many third party exchanges.

Academy: The on board academy comes with free blockchain and crypto education. You have access to good articles, internal platform tutorials, text to speech functionality and a further wide range of categories. The academy is free.

Community: You can access the community anywhere in the world and have voting power for new coins and functions. Self-refilling faucets allow you to get access to new coins early on.

GamePlace: With StakeCubeCoin you can play classic retro games, leaderboard, jackpots and weekly competitions. Game developers can submit their games and get rewarded.

Api: Make use of the fast application interface, completely free, allowing you to pull real-time data and information.

Future developments

What is StakeCube Coin’s compound interest mean for investors?

One of the major innovations in the coming years will be defi’s further development, offering cryptocurrency investors the ability to earn a passive income through compound interest.

How does it work?

One of the ways to ensure the long term financial stability of cryptocurrencies is by offering investors a return on investment. Similar to how banks used to give people interest on their savings, cryptocurrencies will do the same, but better. Many crypto investors have realized that ‘not your private key, not your Bitcoin’, was a painful reminder of how they risk losing their crypto assets on exchanges. They found a solution is cold storage, for example using a Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet.

But by storing their balances on ice, they aren’t earning any dividends or interests.

StakeCubeCoin offers a compounding interest service, allowing you a return on your crypto holdings. Through its compounding interest system with the highest rates, calculator, daily payouts and no lock time, four different and automated income streams offer you a payout guarantee. By using the latest cold storage technologies and proof of funds, you can comfortably rely on a fully transparent and traceable service.

StakeCubeCoin offers you up to 12% interest per year, which is significantly higher than traditional bank deposits, without any fees or fixed periods. You can withdraw funds at your discretion. To protect your funds, StakeCubeCoin uses cold storage.


What makes StakeCubeCoin able to offer you this service?

Compared to a whole range of competing services that rely on revenues through lending. StakeCubeCoin can count on 2 profitable mining systems, several masternodes and interest-exchange operations to be able to fund the compounding interest. As such it has a pool value of over 110 BTC.

Since your funds are stored on their devices, trust is essential to allow you to make a passive income.

Therefore, StakeCubeCoin offers you full transparency and insight into its reserve funds/cold storage, which currently holds these balances (These figures below may have changed since this article was written but it gives the general idea of how funds are secured)

Cold Storage Funds

The StakeCubeCoin Team.

The team is growing rapidly and only works with highly qualified people in the cryptocurrency industry. The team has several divisions: core, tech, public relations, community management, and advisory board.

This allows the team to build the project out into a leading compound interest and exchange platform. Which can be used by thousands of people, relying on fully transparent services and security of funds.

StakeCubeCoin partners.

To successfully develop this project, the team actively partners with other players and start-ups to have access to the latest innovations within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

This has lead to partnerships with, MeaTex,, and MMO Gameplace.


Plans for 2020 and beyond:

For the first quarter of 2020, Stakecubecoin has several plans:

  • Each month a new top 100 market cap coin will be added to StakeCube;
  • Several infrastructure upgrades are planned to keep the infrastructure up to date;
  • Affiliate rewards for interest will be launched;
  • The community can vote on new coins as well during ‘StakeCube community voting’ events;
  • The release of an onboard support system, allowing for much easier access to cryptocurrencies.

The team also wants to recruit new team members, build out its reserve fund, make more partnerships, offer new regular monthly reports and start staking competitions. On top of these ambitious plans StakeCube wants to reach 10k+ Discord members, 10k+ Twitter followers and 2k+ Telegram users.





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