What is Sinovate? The answer is simple from my point of view,

Sinovate will change the way masternode coins operate and function

Sinovate will be similar in its approach to Dash, they introduced masternodes to everyone. Sinnovate will be bringing masternodes to the next level.

You may be thinking to yourself “Sinovate is a masternode that I can make crazy ROI gains in a short period of time”.This is true to a certain point but unlike many masternode coins out there Sinovate are targeting the long term sustainability for their coin by introducing the first of it’s kind masternodes. 

These masternodes are called “Infinity Nodes” they are  a massive jump up from the norm. Sinovates Infinity Nodes come in three different tiers which are SIN-LIL, SIN-MID and SIN-BIG.


Masternode Online


What are Infinitynodes?


Infinity Nodes will address the problem that many masternode coins have with the emission of too many coins for the market to support (supply and demand). In Sinovate’s case their Infinity Nodes will burn those cointhat are used for setting up a node. This burning of coins will then reflect in the overall supply of coins in circulation and in turn will control supply of coins that are available.

What is the benefit of running an Infinity Node? The long term aim is to allow investors to have a guaranteed minimum annual interest of around of around up 22%.

Below you can see the estimated ROI based on the amount of locked Sinovate nodes that are active:




As I mentioned above there will be three different tiers of masternodes which can be seen in the image below.


Sin Tiers


The breakdown of the reward structure is also very good and getting up to a SIN-MID gives you the chance to earn a bonus as you can see below;


Sinovate Rewards



When you think of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in general, we often think of Binance as one of the big players in the industry. Having your coin linked with Binance, will encourage investors as they are one of the market leaders in the crypto space.

This is where Sinovate have also excelled in this space, they recently announced the being listed onto Binance Info platform


Binance V Label


Binance-info brings extra benefits to Sinovate by allowing potential investors the chance to see much more detail about the coin. This will allow  investors to have all the necessary information in one place. You can also check out a detail report on Sinovate from a third party to get their views. 

Plus the gold “V” beside the name looks nice!!!


Binance Info Sinovate Stats



Conclusion to part 1:

I am delighted to see a new approach to masternodes. Rather then these generic masternodes that are everywhere. With their introduction of Infinity Nodes it will bring a new approach to the masternode market. I believe this will place Sinovate as the market leaders (similar to Dash ). The Sinovate team have carefully considered the future of the coin and will be here for the long term. When observing the community aspect I am delighted to see them on Binance Info as it brings more transparency to what they are doing.

Also check out their Discord server for a feel for what the community is all about from other investors and ask questions as their team is always willing to help.


Useful Links:

Website: https://sinovate.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/r3tVV4X

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