I wanted to write a review of the Midas and their Masternode Investing Platform for some time. I would like to share my experience of using the platform, and it’s benefits.

What is Midas?

Midas is a dynamic product in that it has many use cases. I will be focusing mainly on their investing platform.

The platform has a very unique design. It allows users to invest in a number of different crypto coins. The main difference in Midas and similar services is that, it doesn’t have a minimum amount needed to start your investment. This is fantastic for anyone starting out on their investment journey.


Min amount of Midas coins needed


The key feature that impressed me the most, is the ability for the investor to have instant shares in the masternode. This is is not the case with similar services, as they wait for the masternode to be full with members. By doing this the investor looses out on the gains waiting for the other investors to join. Midas is paying rewards as soon as you buy your shares- which is an excellent move in the right direction for masternode hosting services.



Instant shares in any of their coins


The next impressive aspect of Midas is, the ability to withdraw your coins faster than most other services.The platform has an automatic withdrawals feature built in to the platform. This feature allows the user to make a quick decision and get their coins as soon as they need them. I feel that this feature will help improve the the adoption of crypto.

There are many interesting technical facts that I could share but most people have one question: Does it work ? In short YES!

My time with Midas?

I started using Midas about 6 months ago by investing ESBC . From my research I knew it had instant shares , but I just thought it was a marketing ploy to get people interested in it. I was wrong! The coins were in the platform and earning for me in less than 10 minutes. It allowed me build up my coins without having to try to set up and run my own masternode.

I have experienced some difficulties with level of rewards being added, I reached out to the Midas team in their Discord server, to my surprise a team member had replied to me within 1 hour with the answer to my question. This is very reassuring to have friendly helpful team ready and willing to help you. This is another reason I feel will help new people to become more invested in Crypto.

Midas gives you an opportunity to reinvest your rewards on different levels from 0% to 100% , this is automatic so it meant that I was able to decide on a percentage and the automated service did the rest of the work for me.


Amount to reinvest The difference of keeping the coins in

My Investments

The most recent coin I have invested on the platform is Sinovate. Like ESBC, the platform allows me to gain rewards while building up to a masternode in Sinovate.

From an investors point of view Midas is a great resource to have access to.It gives you the opportunity to increase your holdings quicker and to maximize your Return on Investment.

The fees involved in having a place in a shared masternode are also very good, they vary from coin to coin depending on the value of the coins.

Many of the coins allow you to pay in either the masernode coin (ESBC for me) or paying with Midas coin. Paying with the Midas coin will mean your fees are lower. However, a new feature that was recently introduced was the “zero fee platform” this requires the user to lock in 350 Middas coin.(today’s $value is $48).

Zero Fees

This is something I have not done yet, because I never remember to do it if i am honest. This shows how strong the platform is. I never really have to worry about it or check if everything is working up to standard.

The big debate question?

Are they your coins if they are on the platform?           “No”

This is not the fault of the Midas team this is just something that is true. If you want to grow and you have a low amount of coins then you will have to combine your coins with others. This is in order to grow together. This doesn’t  effect the decision making factor for me .I would recommend you to adopt a strategy to suit your investment needs. For me this works perfect  as it allows me to grow. For others it may not be their choice.


In conclusion

Midas is a very dynamic product- the main focus of this article is the Masternode Investing Platform. My interactions with the Midas team have been very positive, I had an issue and the team provided a solution.  In the crypto world this is very valued as many others do not value customer service, however for me this is of upmost importance. When I encounter another team that shares this ethos as my team they become high value in my opinion. Their platform runs smoothly, and you can invest your coins and not worry that your rewards will not be paid.


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