Crypto Projects

E-Sports Betting Coin (ESBC)

ESBC is a multi-tiered masternode coin. One of the biggest advantages that this coin has over its competition is its working betting platform. On their platform you can bet on E-Sports, Soccer, Tennis and UFC to name just a few. I believe that this project has a great amount of potential.

Sinovate (SIN)

SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source state of the art Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital cryptocurrency dedicated to developing cutting edge Blockchain products, services, and solutions.

SIN seeks to implement innovative Blockchain technologies into all areas of the modern economy and is continuously researching new applications for private and corporate use.


Hash was created by the merging of three projects (Wealth, Shares and Cryptojobz). The aim of Hash is to provide one-click masternode hosting and shared masternode services and allowing everyone to get involved in masternodes regardless of your knowledge of the tech.



Worx is here to help create an easy and usable freelance marketplace for everyone. The focus is to help freelancers creat quality content and get paid for it in return via Worx coins. Not only that but Worx also have a platform that can help promote other projects called Worxs. 

Zenzo (ZNZ)

ZENZO is an incentivized Universal Identity-Driven Ecosystem that enables and supplies resources for visionary projects to solve real-world problems.

ReeCore (REEX)

Reecore is not just another cryptocurrency in the market. It has specific use cases in the educational and charity sectors which is to build decentralized global educational and charity hubs with REEX at the very center of transactions.

Our Aim

At Crypto Ants Marketing our aim is to help grow your business. In doing so it will allow you to have more time to fully concentrate on the development of your business.

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