Crypto Marketing Services


We work on producing articles/press releases/blog posts. These are tailored to your platform or the area that you are interested in. These articles are used to draw attention to your project. We usually approach the creation of content based on the project calendar and produce content to coincide with relevant events or announcements.

Creation of websites is another service we offer here at Crypto Ants Marketing. To be fully transparent websites are designed using WordPress and a number of other tools. This entire website was created by us using WordPress. If you are interested in something similar please let us know. (Please note that once a website is created we do not offer to host the website, this will be up to you entirely).

We help manage and grow your social media accounts; we use these to gain exposure for your project. This is a fast-paced aspect and ever changing so we are always researching and creating new approaches to social media to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms.

Many new projects use Discord as a means for them to build their community reach. We at Crypto Ants have a great understanding in the way Discord runs and have made many long term friends that we work closely with. We can help you grow your server in the right way and help build up core team members that are needed for the healthy running of Discord.

What is your target market? How are you going to get them? These are just some of the questions that you need to understand to design a successful marketing strategy. A Digital Marketing Strategy is very important to understand when trying to grow your brand. By using different techniques you can position yourself better.

We can create a number of different graphics that can be used for your project. We can design social media graphics to increase exposure, announcement graphics for use on forums, comparison tables, and infographics to name just a few.

Our Aim

At Crypto Ants Marketing our aim is to help grow your business. In doing so it will allow you to have more time to fully concentrate on the development of your business.

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